Celebrating 10 years!

Hello, and welcome to the musical world of Signatures. 2018 brings some familiar places, and some new concept shows to perform. We look forward to new adventures and projects this year, as well as returning to some favorite venues. The ladies are also actively involved in solo projects and ensembles aside from Signatures, all staying busy in the Portland music scene.

Both our re-mastered first CD, and our most recent, each featuring 6 of our original arrangements of favorite songs, are available at each performance and on line. Just visit our Buy the CD Page page for purchase information.

The ladies of Signatures are still feel the thrill of performing with the Tacoma Symphony and Symphony Chorus for the Sounds of the Season Concert in 2014. This memory will remain with us as the high point of our musical adventures! More please - we would love to continue in this direction. It was so much fun and so rewarding. Thank you, Tacoma Symphony! Check our Gigs Page for details on upcoming gigs!

From a satisfied audience member, who happens to be a choir director: I just took the time to listen to the first parts of all your tunes on your two albums. I'll do a full run through later; but I have to tell you, those arrangements and renditions are KICKING ASS!! Such great work! In those short snippets I've heard, you have blessed me, empowered me, given me gratitude.

One quick stylistic, technical detail I noticed Saturday night and today with your recordings; Signatures takes a slightly different approach to the use of vibrato in your ensemble singing, and I really like it! The fact that you add just a little vibrato, not only on the lead voice, but a little on the harmony, warms up your sound beautifully! It's like the Singers Unlimited on steroids! It is so purposeful, warm and effective. I think it really sets Signatures apart. The fact that your vowels and blend are so tight makes it happen perfectly.

I had to get all this off my chest. The short sample of your CDs moved me emotionally and pleased the musician in me powerfully. Thanks for a great show and sharing your joy with us! Lloyd Walworth, Choral Educator

From a venue booking agent Signatures have wonderful harmonic arrangements--thoughtful, original and varied. As the evening went on, I kept hearing precision of attack and release of notes all together that is rare. Their ability to blend w/ high and low voices and bounce the ball to all the women to sing lead is really unusual too. Bo's accompaniment was solid; they all had impeccable timing, I thought. The richness and beauty of their sound were so pleasing to me.

I do have a lot of vocal group heroes on youtube, but in person, only the Jordanaires and Peter, Paul & Mary were as good. I saw Three Dog Night in their heyday and the Sweet Inspirations w/ Elvis, plus the Statler Brothers with Johnny Cash and many others. None of them had the all-round precision and variety of arrangements we heard Saturday night.There are groups, of course, back in time who were off the chart: early Sons of the Pioneers; Andrews, McGuire or Boswell Sisters; Golden Gate Quartet [we heard a tune of theirs]; and the HiLos to name just a few. But, for 2014 music, Signatures are sensational! Larry Wilder, Rose City Park Association

Been A Long Time Since I Rock and Rolled, by Rick Dancer
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We're in Silverton for the weekend spending time with my wife's sister and my brother-in-law. The Oregon Garden Resort had a killer deal and we got all kinds of freebees.

Last night we ate dinner in the cool bar and had the time of our lives. The guy who was entertaining everyone was good but all of the sudden these women hit the stage and the whole place had to look. Their name is Signatures and they are from Portland. Even when the mic was off and the entertainer guy was on break, Signatures was in the back singing. By the end of the night everyone was dancing and singing. At one point, I don't remember how it happened, but I was up on stage singing Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith with Signatures.

You won't find this on You tube. The older I get the smarter I become. Remember I ran for Statewide Office and know what cameras can do. I also spent 20 years as a News Anchor in Eugene and understand the media. I look for cameras before I do anything.

It was a great night. I felt like a 20 year old.

It has been a long time since I rock and rolled, like that.

Signatures has it all - solos, duets, trios, and lush 4-part harmony - along with an entertaining show that will leave you in a state of pure musical joy.

Both our first CD, Signatures, and our latest, Making Other Arrangements, are available at CDBaby.com and ax2music.com. We will also offer them for sale at our performances!

Thank you all so much for your support and positive comments this year. We are having a great time entertaining you, and have met so many new friends! We look forward to seeing you in the future, at Arrivederci Wine and Jazz Bar, Maryhill Winery, or at one of our other gigs. Mark your calendars as you visit the gigs page for upcoming shows

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